Pour Akhenaton, le refus du vaccin obligatoire et du pass sanitaire serait un «bienfait pour l

IAM Speaks Against Compulsory Health Permit and Vaccination

The rap group is taking a stand with the voice of its singer, Akhenaten, a longtime skeptic of COVID-19, in the name of freedom. The reaction disappointed many Marseille fans.

“Come, go to our side.” These words are sung by IAM in dark side empire It has a special resonance today, while the Marseille group is taking a stand against the health card and the obligation to vaccination. “With the IAM group, we are against the health card, against compulsory vaccination. Our freedoms and especially the future of our children are at stake.”Akhenaten, the group’s leader, says in a video posted on his Twitter account and transmitted by the IAM account.

The remainder of Akhenaten’s declaration is a series of anti-axe cliches. “We would like people with very little self-confidence in the medical profession to finally speak up, and journalists who have gone in one direction for a year and a half now and who have another point of view express it as well. Unfortunately, these laws are dangerous for everyone. Together we will find solutions. Long live life, long live love, long live humanity‘, rapper Marseille continues this discourse at least in a muddled way.

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This situation is not too surprising when we learn that Akhenaten is ‘Covid skeptic’ for a long time. “I doubt the real danger of this virus”, announced Philippe Fragioni, under his real name, in August 2020. “Doctors on TV who give lessons for months to great infectious disease doctors are things that worry me a little bit.”, asserts Akhenaten, referring undoubtedly to another famous Marseille, Didier Raoult. Remember that the virus, in its various forms, has killed more than 111,000 people in France.

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The rapper, seemingly not a contradiction, lamented in May, after canceling his group’s concert audition, He added, “In all this political crisis [ait] greater weight than scholars.” IAM’s departure from science is evident this time around. Something that disappoints many netizens, nostalgia for the era of the most wonderful tube The little brother.

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