Rico Sander (Benjamin Strecker)

Soko Stuttgart: Benjamin Stricker in a sci-fi movie soon?

Since 2009, Benjamin Straker has played the fan-favorite Rico Sander in Soko Stuttgart. We don’t know much about the actor, who is back online, rarely gives interviews and can’t be seen outside of “SOKO Stuttgart.” Before transitioning to the role of an IT specialist in the early-evening thriller, he was in the theater and played several roles in film and television films. If he was free to choose, he would love to act in a science fiction movie. It has now been revealed to “STUGGI.TV”, an online broadcaster in Stuttgart.

At some point Rico Sander will be gone.

Fans of the series can’t imagine “SOKO Stuttgart” without Rico Sander, but actor Benjamin Stricker thinks it’s inevitable that he’ll come out at some point and devote himself to other projects. He said in the interview, “At some point there will come a point where I’ll say – or the production says – we’ll go our separate ways. Final! It will come at some point.” .

What after “SOCO Stuttgart”?

Benjamin Stryker does not yet know what will come after Soko Stuttgart. However, he still finds the series’ format interesting: “I’m not very focused on one genre, but on exciting characters that one can also go with over a longer period of time, which I think is cool.” The theater is also attractive to him. He already had a contract with the Vienna Volkstheater and was then a member of the Giessen City Theater troupe for two years.

A secret wish can be fulfilled inSTUGGI.TV“But then he extracted it. If he could choose, Benjamin Straker would love to act in a science fiction movie.” Because I love science fiction. Because you can steal relatively little from reality, you have to invent a lot and you’re so creative, I think these are exciting movies.”

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This sounds a bit like IT professional Rico Sander, doesn’t it? But according to the actor, there is not much in common between the two except for a certain weakness in mathematics. Even if we treat ourselves to Benjamin Strecker in his sci-fi movie role, we’re already looking forward to the new “SOKO Stuttgart” episodes — including the anniversary episode — that are currently filming and will air from fall.

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