240 films, 150 guests: The start of the 59th edition of Vienna with Matt Dillon as guest star

240 films, 150 guests: The start of the 59th edition of Vienna with Matt Dillon as guest star

240 films, 150 guests, ten cinemas, eleven days: Finale, Austria’s largest film festival, takes place from October 21-31. bz summarized all the information at a glance.

Vienna. Thousands of movie fans can’t wait: Today, October 21, the 59th Finale begins. A total of 250 films can be watched as of Sunday, October 31. The special thing about it: Because of the pandemic, movies can be seen a lot more this year than usual. In addition, more have been added to the five traditional cinemas: Admiralkino (7th, Burggasse 119), Blickle Kino (3rd, Arsenalstraße 1), Filmcasino (5th, Margaretenstraße 78), Le Studio Film (9, Liechtensteinstraße 37) and Votiv Cinema (9., Währinger Str.12)

Will you visit Finale?

For Festival Director Eva Sangiorgi, Vinyl is about contemporary cinema that engages with today’s society in all its aspects and creates memories. This should attract a general audience, convey the high aesthetic and political level of international film culture, and stimulate discussion.

The films were repeated in several cinemas

Austria’s largest film festival will begin on October 21 with an opening ceremony at the Gartenbaukino (1st, Parkring 12). short film”but why?” from
Terence Davies (Great Britain/Austria, 2021) and feature film”L’EvébenementBy Audrey Diwan (France, 2021).

In addition, the inaugural program will take place at 8.30 pm in the Stadtkino, in the Künstlerhaus (1., Karlsplatz 5) and at 9 pm in Urania (1., Uraniastraße 1), in the Metro Kinokulturhaus (1., Johannesgasse) 4) and the Film Museum ( 1., Augustinerstraße 1).

Tickets are available individually for €9.50. If you want to visit several films, you can refer to the discounted ticket groups: from ten tickets, a single ticket costs 9 euros, from 20 tickets only 8.30 euros per ticket. Tickets are available at Gartenbaukino, Metro Kinokulturhaus, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Filmmuseum and Urania.

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Those who prefer to buy their tickets online can do so at 01/526594769 or [email protected] – but only with a credit card. For sold-out shows, waiting numbers for remaining tickets available will be issued 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.

Matt Dillon, Mia Hansen Love, and Matthew Amalric

The Viennale begins with a full program on Friday, October 22nd. Highlights include Jane Campion’s Western film “dog power(New Zealand/Australia, 2021), which deals with images of men in a sophisticated way. The film can be seen in the Gartenbaukino on Sunday October 24 at 11:15 pm, October 28 at 5:30 pm, and on Sunday October 31 at 10:30 A.m.

Visitors of wretched political satireDream land(USA/Germany/Qatar, 2021) Happy: Not only is director Shereen Neshat raised on location, but also actor Matt Dillon. The Vienna guest of honor caused some shivers in Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built. You can watch The film with guest star Matt Dillon at Gartenbaukino on Wednesday, October 27 at 5:30 pm and on Thursday, October 28 at 2:30 pm.

“He is an exceptional director and actor himself who has been able to reinvent himself over and over again over the decades of his career,” Director Sangiorgi said enthusiastically of Matt Dillon. This is possible “.

In addition to Matt Dillon, Austria’s largest film festival is waiting for other guests worth watching: Director Mia Hansen-Love is also present at the screening of her film “Bergmann Island(France / Germany / Belgium / Sweden 2021). This will be shown at the Gartenbaukino on Sunday October 24th at 8.30pm and Monday October 25th at 2pm.

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Mathieu Amalric was also honoured. French actor, director and screenwriter in his film “hug me tight” (France, 2021) on Saturday October 23 at 8:30 pm and Sunday October 24 at 2:30 pm at the Gartenbaukino onsite.

The latest thing about Vinal this year is the excitement.”Zeros and ones(Germany / Great Britain / Italy / USA 2021) with Ethan Hawke in the main role. The film can be seen on Saturday, October 30 at 5.30 pm in Gartenbaukino and on Sunday, October 31 at 2 pm in Urania. The American will not miss the show Also screenwriter and director Abel Ferrara and American actress Christina Chiriac.

The full program of 59 finals is available Read online here.

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