Finally a famous opponent for Yoka?

‘Sign the contract’, Hergovic puts pressure on Yuka

Filip Hergovic sent a letter to Tony Yoka on Tuesday evening urging him to accept the proposal submitted by FIFA. After his fight against Martin Bacol was postponed, the Frenchman was offered a confrontation with the Croatian in the heavyweight semi-final. He has until Monday to respond.

A simplified message in the form of a stroke. Filip Hergovic has gone straight to the point when it comes to addressing Tony Yucca. In a video posted on social media on Tuesday evening, the Croatian boxer spoke directly to his French opponent. Filming himself up close, in Seflie’s pose, the Zagreb native urged the Parisian to confront him. “Sign the contract, let’s do this fight,” said Hergovic, with a calm tone and a resolute look.

After New Zealander Joseph Parker and Cuban Luiz Ortiz, fourth and fifth, split, FIFA offered Tony Yoka to face the third-placed heavyweight. A semi-final match makes it possible to designate the official rival of Oleksandr Usyk, the world champion of FIFA. Even if the Ukrainian first faced the Englishman Anthony Joshua again, who toppled him last September (maybe in April).

It’s time for revenge, says Hergovic.

Yuka has until Monday to accept the FIFA’s proposal and respond to Hrgovic’s call. This is a great opportunity for the French player who is facing a stronger opponent than he has faced professionally so far. The two boxers are of the same age (29) and know each other very well. They crossed the lanes twice. Yuka won every time, first in 2015 in the quarter-finals of the World Championships in Qatar, and then in the semi-finals of the 2016 Rio Olympics, even his opponent causing him a lot of problems.

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“A lot of people think I should have won the 2016 Olympics semi-finals, and now it’s time for revenge,” Hrgovic wrote below his Instagram video. By determining that he had been waiting for this potential revenge “for a long time”. The Croatian had 14 fights between professionals (14 wins including 12 KOs) against 11 with Yoka (unbeaten).

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