Sport and Covid The Olympic champion’s appeal to world leaders: “A free and fair vaccine for all” (video)

Sport and Covid The Olympic champion’s appeal to world leaders: “A free and fair vaccine for all” (video)

From sport to world leaders to ensure “free and equitable access to vaccination against Covid-19”. More than 20 champions, medalists at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from all over the world, are the protagonists of the video posted on the web and on social networks a few days before the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Among them is also the Italian Federica Pellegrini (Member of the Olympic Committee International at altitude athletes). Gianmarco Tampere, Olympic high jump champion in Tokyo 2020. And Martina Chironi, Paralympic champion. In the video produced by the International Olympic Committee, the heroes are sending their message to global political components. They stressed the importance of remaining united in order to continue fighting the epidemic effectively. “As athletes, we can unite the world through the power of sport.”

The allure of sport for free and fair access to vaccinations

“Now we are more united than ever. To use the power of sport and the Olympic and Paralympic movement to help win the fight against Covid. The message continues because we go faster, aim higher, and are stronger when we are together.” The video also features Spanish basketball champion Pau Gasol, two-time Olympic medalist Maia Martina and Lochowska (cycling, Poland), Song Min Rio (table tennis, South Korea), Humphrey Kayang (rugby, Kenya), Valerie Adams (athletics, New Zealand), Alistair Brownlee (triathlon, UK), Ossia Collinsau (rugby, Fiji), Eli Cole (swimming, Australia), Jacob Krakow (alpine skiing, Slovakia), Tatiana McFadden (athletics, northern snowboarding, USA), Jetsek Visser (wheelchair basketball, Netherlands) and Annika Zen (cycling, Germany).

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More than 20 Olympic champions in the IOC video

We have been given a way forward with a safe and effective vaccine. This can help save precious lives and protect our friends and families,” the super athletes say in the video. Therefore, we are calling on governments, foundations, philanthropists, health organizations and social institutions to ensure free and equal access to a vaccine worldwide. To protect the most vulnerable, because every A person on this planet has the right to live a healthy life. We are stronger when we stand in solidarity and take care of each other.” “Vaccines are one of the fundamental principles of the safe hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” reads a statement from the International Olympic Committee. “As demonstrated during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games last summer. It will be an essential part of the countermeasures against the coronavirus in the next phase. 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing“.

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