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Tennis, Tomic accuses: AusOpen does not wipe. And get sick – tennis

“I’m sure I’ll test positive in the next two days, I’ll tell you. I’ll serve you dinner if you don’t test positive in three days.” Bernard Tomic is a classic player who is as talented as he is prone to blasts over the top. Impulsive personality, which often causes him problems. But the verdicts of the 29-year-old Australian (of Croatian descent) to Chief Judge Alain da Rocha Nocento could not fall on deaf ears, because far from the explosion, it cast serious doubts about the anti-virus protocol adopted in the first 2022 Peace Championship. , which started on Monday on the Melbourne Hard Court, has been battling the Djokovic issue for days.
“I can’t believe no one has been checked. They let the players onto the field with quick tests in the room. There are no particulate smears,” angered Tomic, in a break in his qualifying match with Russian Roman Svilolin, losing in two sets of speeds. Convinced that he fell ill during the meeting, he returned to the hotel where he posted an update on his health on Instagram: “I feel really bad. I just spoke to the doctors on site and they asked me to self-isolate. They say they still can’t cure me to avoid contact.” Could infection prevention have loopholes reported by Tomic? In this case, the tournament (with a prize pool of $54.2 million) would be in jeopardy from the start.
While waiting to understand whether Djokovic, nine players who have already won the AusOpen in his career, will be able to stay in Melbourne or be expelled as any illegal immigrant, we question the possibility that some players will refuse to overtake the racket with the No. 1 in the world because he has not been vaccinated. A question directed by “Radio Sports Too” to Adriano Panatta. Introduction: “Honestly, I’m sick of this story.” However, he will likely find the former champion skeptical. “In 1973 we boycotted Wimbledon en masse”, 81 players, “as a matter of principle – recalls Banata – a colleague of ours, Nikola Bilic, was expelled from his association for not wanting to participate in the Davis Cup with Yugoslavia. It seems difficult .. to be in the first round of the championship The Australian Open is worth 70 thousand euros .. if you lose.” Bilic refused to face New Zealand, opting for dollars for the doubles tournament in Montreal at a time when tennis was more modest than it is today.
Meanwhile, tomorrow, at 5.00 Italian time, the composition of the singles registration plates, male and female, will be known. Djokovic was ranked No. 1 previously. At the moment, 11 Italians have already admitted: among the men are Matteo Berrettini, Jannick Sener, Lorenzo Sonego (seeded), Fabio Fognini, Lorenzo Mosetti, Gianluca Mager, Stefano Trafaglia, Marco Cecchinato and Andreas Seppi. Among the women are Camilla Giorgi and Yasmine Paolini. Lucia Bronzetti, Thomas Fabiano, Alessandro Giannissi, Flavio Copoli, Martina Trevisan, Salvatore Caruso and Gian Marco Morrone are still on the line.

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