Sierre de Rivière.  A space to read in peace in the shade of lemon trees

Sierre de Rivière. A space to read in peace in the shade of lemon trees

It is with great pride that the team of the Municipality of Cier-de-Rivière will inaugurate a cultural space on Monday 1 April. A place dedicated to cultural participation and accessible to everyone.

Muriel Exposito, the mayor of the village, and her team decided to move the bookcase that was previously located in the center of the village, and is now in a green environment, in the shade of lemon trees.

The “Cier, Animation and Relaxing” Association held several workshops with the village’s children to beautify it. They worked around drawing, writing and reading. It was also important to give him a name and identity, so the children came up with several. The choice was “Writers' Den”.

In addition, there is now a cable car dedicated to the village by the mixed association of Haute-Garonne Montagne and the community of municipalities of the Pyrénées Haut Garonnaise, as part of the replacement of the Luchon-Superbagnères cable cars. The municipality chose to install it next to the bookcase to provide a relaxing space, where you can sit and read in complete peace and quiet.

Philip Ballard is the craftsman entrusted with the installation. He largely responded to the demand by developing gallows, similar to the installation of cable cars in the mountains. The municipality thanks him for his wonderful work.

The Mayor wishes this new space a huge success and thanks all those involved in this project.

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