News: NATO and North Macedonia continue practical cooperation in science, 28 March 2024

News: NATO and North Macedonia continue practical cooperation in science, 28 March 2024

As part of the celebration of the fourth anniversary of North Macedonia's membership in NATO, the Alliance organized an information day on the Science for Peace and Security (Program SPS) program in Skopje (North Macedonia), on 28 March 2024.

On this occasion, NATO experts and Macedonian researchers came together to reflect on scientific cooperation activities that could be implemented within the framework of the SPS programme. This information day, organized in partnership with the Macedonian Ministry of Defence, aims to highlight the results of SPS projects in which the country has participated and facilitate the launch of new research and development activities.

About 70 scholars participated in the day, which was held at the Members of Parliament Club. Program managers led various sessions, including how to develop a good project proposal, criteria for evaluating proposals and priority topics. They also explained how to implement results-oriented R&D activities. Researchers involved in SPS projects, especially in the field of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones and innovative materials, spoke about their experiences. The discussions, during which they were able to present their work and progress, generated ideas for interdisciplinary projects in areas of interest to the Alliance. They can be submitted during the next call for proposals for the SPS programme, in April 2024.

In her opening remarks, Defense Minister Slavianka Petrovska encouraged Macedonian academics to further develop the country's research tool, in cooperation with NATO Member States and partners, with the aim of developing science and thus promoting progress and well-being within society. “The Alliance is much more than a political-military partnership between countries with shared values. It is a family of democratic nations that build their development, security and prosperity of their citizens on the foundation of science and the results it produces.

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“Cooperation under the SPS program is consistent with NATO and North Macedonia’s priorities: it seeks to facilitate adaptation to the evolving security environment and emphasizes the use of technology as a means to address emerging challenges,” NATO added. Program Director Claudio Balestini.

Through its activities, the SPS provides opportunities for academics, experts and senior officials in North Macedonia and other NATO Member States and partner countries to propose innovative scientific projects. It thus contributes to the development of international scientific networks and facilitates the exchange of knowledge on security-related issues.

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