Breathtaking picture

Breathtaking picture

Located about 30 million light-years from Earth, the Spider Galaxy has amazing features that have piqued the curiosity of astronomers.

Space exploration: Hubble reveals the beauty of the Spider Galaxy

The Spider Galaxy, or UGC 5829, was spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA/ESA. This irregular galaxy is nicknamed for its distorted galactic arms, reminiscent of a spider's clawed legs.

The data collected allowed astronomers to better understand star formation in dwarf galaxies.

Hubble Observations: A Closer Look

The Hubble data comes from two separate observing programs. The first program used Hubble's Advanced Survey Camera to create color and brightness charts of stars in nearby galaxies.

Meanwhile, the second program used the Wide Field Camera 3 to observe star clusters in dwarf galaxies, providing a detailed look at the stellar environment.

The science behind the image: understanding star formation

The Spider Galaxy features clearly visible star-forming regions, which appear as bright pink nebulae or clouds.

This observation allows astronomers to better understand star formation mechanisms in diverse galactic environments.

By combining observations from the Advanced Survey Camera and Wide Field Camera 3 in the near-infrared and optical parts of the spectrum, this image reveals the beauty and complexity of our universe.

The new image taken by Hubble provides a fascinating new look at this celestial body. The Spider Galaxy is a captivating example of the diversity and beauty of our universe.

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