How does climate change add to pollution?

How does climate change add to pollution?

Last summer's fires had repercussions on air quality in many Canadian and American cities. There will inevitably be others.

If major cities in Africa or Asia are already experiencing this reality with high concentrations of atmospheric pollutants, Canada – which ranks 42nd – will have to get used to it.H Ranking of countries and regions in terms of air quality. Health Canada also records approximately 4,000 premature deaths annually in Quebec linked to air pollution.

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But why is global warming amplifying the problem here? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about this with:

The World Meteorological Organization indicates, In its latest assessment of the state of the climate, that 2023 was the hottest year on record. Why this connection to air quality?

What types of pollutants are we talking about? Do we have a good local picture of pollution here? What health problems can we expect if nothing is done? Does this include health problems in children?

When we talk about climate pollution, what exactly are we talking about?

The case of the Limoilleux region in Quebec: What has it taught us about the effects of fine particulate matter concentrations?

What could be improved in terms of air quality policies and regulations? What is immeasurable and what should be? How do we force the company to be more transparent?


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