A new wellness space has opened in San Susi

A new wellness space has opened in San Susi

At the end of March, San Souci inaugurated its Roger Laval Health Center in the presence of many dignitaries from the administration, the region, residents and many caregivers from neighboring communities.
It was Mayor Claire Rollin who had the honor of cutting the ribbon alongside Mayor Jean-Philippe Javet, Deputy Huguette Tigna for Lot, her deputy Chantal Lacassagne, Raphaëlle Dubet and Jean-Marc Vaissozi, Senators for Lot, and Vincent Labarre, Vice-President of the city. Occitanie Region, Serge Regal, President of the Lot Department, Violin Delpeche-Fries and Régis Philippontaux, management consultants, Christophe Proinka, President of Cavaldor and several elected officials from the canton.

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Everyone was able to visit the functional offices of the different health professionals present in Saint-Sousi: Myriam Panchot, Aurélie Chantot, Lucie Delvert-Andral, the nurses; Claire Lauren speech therapist; Lucy Marion is a movement psychotherapist. Laura Jami, Physical Therapist; Maryse Vercotier Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture; Jonathan Bouchoucha is an osteopath, and soon Marie Corbrandt, a psychotherapist.
This healthy space was created in a pleasant setting in an old school that was restored and transformed thanks to the solidity of the municipal council present in the place which felt the real need for such a project and who invited the architect Yves Mazet.

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Many people in the city or surrounding areas can benefit from local care, services that are very important for every person.

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