Secrets of Guillaume Durand (video)

Secrets of Guillaume Durand (video)

Guillaume Durand survived. The 69-year-old journalist, who has jaw cancer, was forced to have surgery last June, before contracting Covid-19. The nine-hour surgery was reported by the journalist on Monday, January 10, on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in the movie “C2U”. “I feel like I have an absolutely massive debt to the people who took care of me all these months. Unheard of surgeons, neurologists and cardiologists are always there day and night (…) What they did to me, I didn’t even know it existed“In the process, he has paralleled the distrust of some towards the vaccine against Covid-19,” he said.Looking at what I’ve been through, those who don’t believe in science, it seems crazy to me“.

The journalist to be found in January on Radio Classic had already emphasized his recent health concerns in Le Parisien columns: “What bothers me the most are the side effects. My voice went down. I lost my hair. My hands were trembling so hard they couldn’t shoot my mouth when I ate. Then it was over. Well, almost. In October, I contracted Covid, which caught me again”, He said.


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