Christian Tobira "just one more candidate"?  It has no political space.

Christian Tobira “just one more candidate”? It has no political space.

On Monday January 10, “Nice Matin” devoted an interview to Michel Cotta. The journalist and writer from Nice has vetted the presidential candidates, and for her, Christiane Toubira will not be an opponent to be feared.

Words are not stained. Michel Cotta, French journalist, columnist and writer, gave an interview to the newspaper beautiful morning This Monday January 10th. This specialist in French politics, who in particular covered all the presidential elections of the Fifth Republic, gave her opinion on most The current candidates for the Elysée race in April 2022. between them, Christian Tobira. If she is not yet an official candidate, she can become one if she wins the organized popular primaries at the end of January. However, in the eyes of Michele Cotta, you will not be a strong opponent. “She’ll be one more candidate, whatever she says“It’s a far cry from being a tenderloin with former minister François Hollande. According to her, she hasn’t even done so,” said the 84-year-old columnist.There is no political space“.

Even here, Christian Tobira it was just meditatingTo run for president, as announced on December 17. But on Sunday, January 9, while traveling to Bondi, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the 69-year-old politician announced that she Submit to elementary folk. Organized from January 27 to 30 to appoint a Shared application on the leftThis citizen initiative is supported by 300,000 activists. As of January 10, 110,000 of them have confirmed their registration to vote by providing their French bank card number and a mobile phone number.

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“The Left’s Union’s Last Chance”

Depending on the outcome, the former justice minister will run in the presidential elections next April or not. “It’s more beautiful than legal, confirmed Christian Tobira. For her, this islast chance‘, in his words, from a possible unionFrom the left. The former Guyana member called on other left-wing candidates in the Elysee race to do the same. But Yannick Gadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon once again confirmed that they will not participate.

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