Sea levels in New Zealand are rising faster than expected

Sea levels in New Zealand are rising faster than expected

A study released on Monday (May 2) shows that sea levels are rising twice as fast as expected in parts of New Zealand, threatening the country’s two largest cities.

Data collected along the country’s coastal strip showed that some areas are already sinking by three to four millimeters a year, accelerating the frightening danger.
Projections referred to as “a bit scary“By an expert, is the result of an intensive five-year research program – called NZ SeaRise – It was carried out by dozens of local and international scholars and funded by the government.

According to their predictions, the authorities have less time than expected to plan how to adapt to the consequences of climate change, in particular the resettlement of the population living along the coasts.
According to Tim Naish, a professor at Victoria University of Wellington who co-led the NZ SeaRise, if the global sea level rises by about half a meter by 2100, that rise would need to be reached about one meter in large parts of the archipelago because the land is sinking in the same the time.

This would be particularly disastrous for the capital, Wellington, which could see a 30cm rise in sea level by 2040, which was not expected until 2060.
Thus the residents of Wellington can be victims each year of a flood that causes damage.
We have less time to workMr. Naish said.It’s a bit intimidating, but there’s still time and I think that’s how we look at it“.
The data show that the more populated southeast coast of the North Island is the most exposed. Especially because it is in this place that the Pacific tectonic plate sinks under the Australian plate, scientists explain in the video below (in English).

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Auckland, with a population of 1.7 million, is the country’s largest city, is particularly vulnerable.
Sea levels are expected to rise 50% faster on the waterfront in the city center and many suburbs, which will have huge impacts on home prices and insurance premiums.

NZ SeaRise has developed an online tool for residents and authorities to check the forecast for their area, so they can assess flood and erosion risks.
We still have time, but we don’t have time to sit idly byMr. Naish said, calling on elected officials and developers not to act to think of how best to adapt to this sea level rise.

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