Air New Zealand will install economy class!

Air New Zealand will install berths…in economy class!

Economy class passengers will be able to use the sleeping berths for up to four hours. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand will equip a sleeping cabin on its new Boeing 787s, expected in 2024.

In Air New Zealand, it will not be the prerogative of business class passengers to lie on board. Air New Zealand has unveiled new cabins that will fit eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners delivered from 2024. It is keen to respect its passengers’ complaints about “The importance of sleep and the need for more rest and space”, the company will install berths in economy class.

The cabins, called Skynest, will contain six beds. It will only be served on the longest routes, particularly those located between the company’s base in Auckland and New York (5 pm), which is scheduled to be launched next September. Passengers will only be able to use the berths for four hours to allow others to use them. To lie there, you will have to pay an additional amount, the amount of which has not yet been determined. Note that Air New Zealand already offers the ability to convert a row of seats into a bed with its Skycouch Economy service.

Air New Zealand already offers a row of seats into a bed with Skycouch Economy. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand isn’t the only airline offering economy class sleep services. Since August 2021, German company Lufthansa Offers on some long-distance flights of more than 11 hours to “privatize” a row of three or four seats to install a pillow, blanket and loft bed, at an additional cost of €159 to €229. But the offer is very limited. Only three Sleeper Rows are offered per flight, and reservations are made only at check-in or at the boarding gate.

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