A mysterious fireball crossed the sky for ten seconds

A mysterious fireball crossed the sky for ten seconds

Dozens of testimonials collected by the weather watch website NZ WeatherWatch ball report from Fire that could have been heard and seen in broad daylight this Thursday. The platform said the people who came forward were “in different areas but especially in the lower half of the North Island and the upper part of the South Island”.

“At lunchtime, we saw an orange light coming down from sky diagonally, and smoke trails behind,” a witness said. This phenomenon was observed around 1:50 p.m., precisely BFM TV. Some spoke of a flash followed by an explosion, others spoke of a giant ball of fire. Several witnesses also reported a loud noise as the object passed.

High speed celestial body

The object is not clearly identified. WeatherWatch tends toward a potential meteor or space debris. Astronomer Ian Griffin raised the possibility of a satellite with New Zealand Herald. The object in any case would have entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed, which explains the noise. asked by thingsSpecialist Duncan Steel reported a visible trace of 10 seconds at a potential speed of 30 kilometers per second, much more than the sound barrier.

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The Meteorological Service’s Meteorological Institute believes it has found its signature in the atmosphere. GeoNet could also have recorded the object’s passage with its seismic instruments. It is rare to see a celestial body of this type in broad daylight. This vision indicates that the portion is relatively large. So WeatherWatch invited event witnesses to come forward and send in any audiovisual material showing the thing.

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