Between fun and focus, tricolor freshmen have discovered all the black

Between fun and focus, tricolor freshmen have discovered all the black

For the Seventeen Blues, Saturday 20 November marked the discovery of a monument to the oval. Indeed, of Fabian Galthey’s men, only Oweny Attonio, Gayle Fico, Cyril Bale, Antoine Dupont, Damien Benaud, and Anthony Gelunch have ever fought against all the terrible blacks, the great authority on world rugby.

Before the meeting, Roman Netamak, who was a novice, did not hide his admiration: “These are the great players, […] And this iconic black T-shirt that will make you dream. As soon as you play, everyone shakes.” Perhaps the first half was not disappointed. From the hakka to the insane physical intensity, he and his colleagues lived the entire All Blacks experience.

An experience that begins with the traditional Hakka, a timeless moment. A show of force the French were able to estimate its fair value. “againstI had the pleasure of stepping into the stadium, seeing the Hakka, it was huge”Melvin Jaminette said in the mixed zone after the match.

The concept of fun takes on its full meaning tonight.

Melvin Jaminette

In the mixed zone after the match

If the concept of pleasure came back often in the words of these blues, the focus was just as important to encounter such a monument. “In the hallway, just before going home, we felt 200% per person, we needed to”Follow the USAP player. No more stars in the eyes, a place to fight.

Battle brace her blues hard. “We did intensive training for a month for this encounter”, revealed Cyril Bale, who was playing his fifth match against New Zealand. Melvyn Jaminet abounds: “When the level of blacks is the opposite, you have to give everything and leave the horses.”

They have gathered since the end of October to prepare for this autumn Nations Cup and for the three encounters against Argentina, Georgia and New Zealand, as a starting point, the Blues have been able to reap the fruits of their labor. “Thanks to all of that, we beat one of the best teams in the world today”Jonathan Dante, rudely summed up.

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But Saturday night they weren’t alone. The whole stadium carried it, and everyone returned to the audience’s support to achieve this result. It helped us hear the audiences push in the lower temps and even louder at the higher temps.”Rochelais agrees. More than ever, the Blues have enjoyed their fans’ comeback, after more than a year behind closed doors. “We are proud to put on a great show for everyone, to the 80,000 people behind us today.”

The scenes of joy at the final whistle did not lie. The French moved happy, staying for long minutes on the grass, in the lap of honor, clapping at the bottom of the bend, and some photos with the fans. As if to prolong the magic of this wonderful show as much as possible.

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