The state tightens its restrictions on the borders

The state tightens its restrictions on the borders

The New Zealand Announced the strengthening of border restriction measures, at a time when new cases appeared COVID-19 They were recorded in areas of the archipelago that have been spared so far. “We are making a requirement for airline passengers aged 17 or over, who are not New Zealand citizens, to be fully vaccinated to enter New Zealand,” said Christ Hepkins, Minister for COVID-19 Control.

Air New Zealand also announced the entry into force of a measure banning access to its international flights for all unvaccinated passengers from February 1. So far, New Zealand has managed to contain the Covid-19 epidemic on its territory through strict border measures and restrictions. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the archipelago of 5 million people has recorded only 27 deaths.

Demonstration against imprisonment

The stricter restrictions come as a five-day lockdown has been imposed on Hamilton and the nearby town of Raglan, located on the North Island, after two people tested positive for the coronavirus. These new cases will have nothing to do with those of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, which is 160 kilometers away. This city of two million people has been under lockdown for nearly seven weeks due to the epidemiological focus now numbering 1,320 people.

About 2,000 people demonstrated this weekend in Auckland against confinement. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern He described the protest as a “real slap in the face” for those who complied with the ban on gatherings. “It was illegal and immoral,” she said. New Zealand has adopted a “zero COVID” strategy. No cases of infection were detected in the population for six months before those who declared themselves in August.

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