Scott Robertson, the new head coach of the All Blacks, has named his assistants

The former Crusaders manager revealed his assistants who will join him after the World Cup. Jason Ryan has been remarkably retained.

By Le Figaro with Reuters

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New Zealand coach Scott Robertson. Sanka Vedanagama/AFP

New Zealand coach Scott Robertson He will retain Jason Ryan as the All Blacks’ forwards coach, reigniting the partnership the men forged at the Crusaders.

Ryan quit the Crusaders l’année dernière to rejoin Ian Foster’s l’equipement with the All Blacks and continue assumer ce rôle lorsque Foster quittera ses fonctions à la fin de la Coupe du monde which se déroulera from 8 September to 28 October in France. Robertson put Ryan in charge of the Crusaders in 2016 and the two have overseen the Super Rugby Championship series to six championships in six years.

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They are a very talented bunch»

In a statement from New Zealand Rugby on Wednesday, Ryan said any role as coach of the All Blacks is a huge honor and as long as I have the opportunity to contribute to the legacy, I will do so to the best of my ability. My current focus is on the Rugby World Cup, but I am looking forward to continuing the journey into 2024 and beyond.Ryan will be joined by assistant coaches Leon McDonald, Jason Holland and Scott Hansen, who will join the All Blacks in 2024.

McDonald, the current Oakland Blues coach, will lead the offense with the help of the Dutch Hurricanes coach, while Hansen, the crusader’s assistant coach, will take charge of the defence. New Zealand Rugby said Nick Gill, a key member of the All Blacks’ management group since 2008, would continue to be responsible for performance. “I have known Jason, Leon, Scott, Alfie (Netherlands) and Gilly for a long time and have worked with them throughout my playing and coaching careerRobertson said.

They are a highly talented and driven team who will bring different strengths to the table and share the same philosophy of the game. Like I am with the Crusaders, I know they all have important work to do in 2023 and will focus on their current efforts. mission, but we’ll be ready from 2024“.

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