The staff confirmed after the World Cup

The staff confirmed after the World Cup

Posted by Matthew Warnier, Media365, on Wed Apr 26, 2023 at 11:25 am.

Ian Foster’s successor at the helm of the All Blacks after the World Cup in France, Scott Robertson has formalized his squad.

Scott Robertson made his picks. Just over a month after confirming he will be at the helm of the All Blacks at the end of the next World Cup, the future successor to Ian Foster has announced in a press release issued by the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR) the composition of the crew that will accompany him on the mission to lead it to the 2027 World Cup to be held in Australia . Like Nick Gill, an employee since 2008 who will be Performance Director, Jason Ryan will keep his job despite a change of coach. The former Crusaders coach will remain coach of the New Zealand forwards and will therefore find the coach he teamed up with within the Christchurch-based team between 2016 and 2022. The Blacks attacking game. In this mission, he will be assisted by Jason Holland, who is leaving his post at the Hurricanes. Scott Hansen, currently the Crusaders’ assistant, will be in charge of defense.

Robertson composed a staff in his own image

When justifying his choices, Scott Robertson confirmed that he formed his team with people he had already met during his career. “I have known Jason Holland, Leon McDonald, Scott Hansen, Alfie Holland and Nick Gill for a long time and have worked with them throughout my playing and coaching careers. They are a talented and highly motivated team who will bring different strengths to the table and share the same playing philosophy,” the future All Blacks chairman said in a statement. Crusaders, I know they all have important work to do in 2023 and will focus on where they are today, but we’ll be ready from 2024.” Four talented and experienced coaches to guide the All Blacks in 2024 and beyond” while she wishes to thank the group of coaches The current All Blacks team “, which is preparing for the World Cup.

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