Top 14. Le Lou hopes to reverse his fall and finally return to Bordeaux

Top 14. Le Lou hopes to reverse his fall and finally return to Bordeaux

Bordeaux – lo

Chaban-Delmas Stadium (9:05 pm)

This if special! In fact, it works in turns, both in the game and in terms of results. And so, after suffering a black streak of five defeats in December, which took him into troubled territory, he raised the bar at the start of the year. A new streak of five successive top fourteen finishes enabled him to climb back to the third step of the podium.

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And then, as the spring sky could suddenly roll over clouds and spit a shower, bad weather had been hitting him again for two months. Able to blow hot, sometimes, cold, and more regularly, this Series B Lou hasn’t won in a Best 14 since February 25 against Racing (45-11).

Certainly, he wasn’t brought down by his rugby opponents, which also allowed him to pick up the defensive bonus point against Toulon, Castres and Toulouse. Of course, he will not leave the top six even in the event of a defeat in Bordeaux, where he has not won since 2008 and remains in eleven consecutive defeats, since Racing returned empty-handed from Perpignan. But in addition to the bad deal from an accounting standpoint, a fourth consecutive setback will send him once again into the throes of suspicion.

“You have to play the best possible match in Bordeaux to get a point or more. But if that’s not the case, we’ll have three more games to gain. In any case, it would be a mistake to think that if we lose in Bordeaux, it’s over, ”he asserts. Xavier Garbajosa who seeks to downplay this journey “in hostile terrain and in a complex context,” he adds.

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Four days after the end, he still has the Joker on his hands, because with three wins Lou should be able to qualify. But by his questioning, day after day, he risks burning his fingers and falling again at the gates of the Sixth Summit. So how can recent disappointing defeats be turned into a convincing victory, Sunday night in Bordeaux?

“We will first have to play a big game up front, because Bordeaux has one of the best wins in the top 14. We will also have to defend well on the balls that Bordeaux carries that hurt all teams. Finally, we have to be more effective in attack and tougher in Discipline”, summarizes Xavier Garbajosa who wants his group to approach this meeting “like a final stage match”.

In short, it doesn’t matter to the bottle on Sunday evening, as long as Lou finally finds the intoxication of success…

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Demba Bamba (LOU): “Our enemy is more than our enemies”

How do you deal with the Bordeaux match?

“We expect a complicated match with a direct competitor. Bordelais has one of the biggest crusts in the Top 14. He is dense. We will have to be connected and respond together to the challenge they will give us. We will also have to better manage our weak times under the opposite pressure.”

What is LOU missing to win?

“Whether in Toulouse or in Castres, I am convinced that if we had more confidence in ourselves, we would win these matches. We need to realize our potential. We are capable of anything. We beat the European champions (La Rochelle) and the French champions (Montpellier) on Our land. We have just stuck Toulouse. We need to be more regular. I have the impression that our enemy is more than our enemies. »

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Interview by YB


Detailed Bordeaux Lucu – Garcia to face LOU

Unlike LOU, which finished its matches strongly, Bordeaux lost many points in the money time, which happened again last weekend during their defeat (28-31) against Racing. Is it because the Bordeaux seat is less efficient? However, many injured (Valatia, Goulmas, Betty, Mikel, Vergennes, Veli, Boros) have been hit by UBB in recent weeks, which also does not show the same face without the game’s captain, Jalibert (ankle), who is sidelined. And since Holmes, his replacement, is also injured, it is young opener García who will link up with Lucu against LOU. Note the back of Lamothe’s hooker and Cobilas’ right prop on the bench.

Godwin replaces Maraku at LOU

14 of the 15 players who lost in Toulouse will be in attendance again when kick-off Sunday night (9:05pm) in Bordeaux. Only Josiah Maraco, who had injured a tendon in Ernst Wallon, was replaced by Kyle Goodwin in the offensive line position. Holder of 11 times in thirteen matches from the first leg, the Australian has not started a match in a best-of-14 since defeat to Brive on 31 January. Also note Liam Coltman’s fifth straight stint at Tailgating.

Despite returning to the expanded set of versatile Doussain, Lyon’s staff also kept the same bench as in Toulouse. So there will be six attackers, including three 2’sH font (Lambey, Goujon, Kpoku), and the Pelissié-Sopoaga hinge.

absent.- Kaabèche, Mayanavanua, Sobéla, William, Cretin, Gouzou, Taufua, Smith, Maraku, Mignot, Niniashvili (wounded). Gomez-Cudella, Taveli, Devism, Gaillard, Dusan, Regard, Parisian, Nakitachi, Varese (option).

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