Scientist 2023: "New Zealand is out in the open? Why not", says Fabian Galthey

Scientist 2023: “New Zealand is out in the open? Why not”, says Fabian Galthey

Roll in 2023! While waiting to find out the match schedule, the World Cup is already in France, with France and New Zealand as a poster for Paul A. Knowing that the Blues have not won against the first Blacks since … 2009. L Italy also appears in this gathering, as the best country in America still to be determined between Canada and the United States or Uruguay, and the qualifiers from the Africa region, no doubt Namibia Here are the responses verb.

Fabien Galtier, XV coach for France: “The teams will be ready for this competition. It will be a tough group. We know that New Zealand is one of the favorites for this event, as always. They have won the World Cup 3 times. Italy continues to improve. It will be a great moment for us in France, in front of the fans and the French fans.” We know that playing at home in 2023 will be a great challenge, and will be a great source of motivation.But we also know that playing at home can create pressure at times, especially as we approach D-Day.We will have to prepare to be prepared physically and mentally and play the best game of rugby New Zealand playing in the opening match? Why doesn’t everyone like the All Blacks, that would be really exciting and really cool.”

Antoine Dupont, Scrum Fifteenth Half of France: “For the opening game, honestly, we’re all wondering. The fans may be dreaming of New Zealand but it’s too early to talk about it. The All Blacks have always been an exciting challenge. We knew that by being in Hat 2 we would have a big part. It’s a creative team that has made people dream. Generation after generation. In 2011, I was in front of the TV in the final early in the morning. But we wouldn’t talk much about the outcome. It’s neither a good or a bad draw. When I look at the chickens, frankly, they’ve all grown up.”

Bernard Laporte, President of the French Federation (FFR): “There is no truth, some say it would take a chicken easier. But we have seen world champion teams after the difficult group stages. The only consolation is that you can only replay against the All Blacks in the final. Now when you want to be world champion you have to beat everyone. “

New Zealand coach Ian Foster: “We are really excited. The World Cup is a really special event and even more so to be in the same group as France at home. It would be an honour. I am sure it will be well organised. It is a country with a great history and culture of rugby. They are building a great team for 2023.” .

Italy coach Franco Smith: “It’ll be a chicken catching.” With New Zealand, it will be a huge challenge. But also an inspiration to our players. Confronting France at home is another difficulty. Now that we know the program, we will have twenty games to prepare and get to that level. We are very excited and focused on the goal of improvement. “

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