Mata Martino confirms friendly match against New Zealand |  Here is Tri

Mata Martino confirms friendly match against New Zealand | Here is Tri

Raul Garrido


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Gerardo “Tata” Martino He emphasized that there is a campus to think about doing some good

Olympic Games

, He highlighted the reinforcements and also confirmed another preparatory match against New Zealand before traveling to Tokyo 2020.

Martino confirmed that olympic trio They will have another preparatory match, in Japan, a few days before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: “I understand they have a match against New Zealand But I don’t know if there will be someone else before settling in Japan.”

after victory

Mexico 3-0 against Panama

, Coach mexican national team He made it clear that there are no excuses for not having a good championship in Olympic Games Because there are quality players.

“It was a very well controlled match, it didn’t suffer in terms of defensive and offensive terms, we needed to insist a little bit more to get more goal positions, but there was strength and that is important because when there is not a lot but there is a goal,” he commented. saying stammer In chat with TUDN.

“The way we do it, the three scorers of the match come from being in the Nations League, Diego Linez And Henry (Martin) with a lot of participation, Cesar (Montes) less because he came from an injury, it’s one block we strive to have two very competitive teams, but it is an idea of ​​the game.”

Finally, Martino stressed the importance of Olympic fencing: “I think there is a team that has aspirations, but the Olympics are almost small GlobalismThe best from all over the world go and against them is not just a thing.”

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