Nueva Zelanda: prendió fuego a su casa por cocinar churrascos en una tostadora

New Zealand: making a home fire to cook steaks in the toaster

A New Zealand man burned down his house while cooking meat in a toaster and was unhappy with his insurance payments.

a a leg from New Zealand burned him a house When trying to cook some steaks in a toaster. After the incident, the intrepid cook was angered by the insurance payments he had received and by the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) who did not take his complaint.

It all started when a New Zealander decided he wanted steak and potatoes for dinner and made the unusual decision to cook them in an electric toaster. Put them in the cooking and I went out to buy french fries In a nearby store.


Churrasco Roastery

His cooking method Caused a fire that caused serious damage To the house where he and his partner lived together.

Although your insurance company I accepted their claim and offered $418,000, which is the maximum amount that can be paid under the policy they have, the couple felt that the amount was not enough and would not be enough to replace their home.


This is how the New Zealand man's house remained

This is how the New Zealand man’s house remained

The man filed a complaint with the IFSO (Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman), claiming that the insurance company You should pay them an extra $200,000, saying they were unaware that their insurance policy had changed from replacement coverage to lump sum insurance.

The authority did not support the complaint, saying that the insurance company paid the maximum and insisted on that “It’s a disaster to make steaks in a toaster and leave the house while they’re still cooking.”

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