Scientific portfolios in the middle stage

Scientific portfolios in the middle stage

To interest the sixth graders, the physical science and chemistry teacher created “science packs.” They borrow it for a week or two to share the fun with their families. “I collected fifty toys and seventy books to make twenty-five bags. Many of them were bought second-hand online, so that it would not put too much pressure on the social and educational centre’s budget,” says Celine Loren.

A wide range of books and games

Some books devoted to the history of science are very successful. “I really liked Leonardo de Menchi’s manga,” Lucas confirms. There’s also the life story of Marie Curie, or the comic strip explaining special effects in cinema. On the fun side, the bags are filled with patience and board games that appeal to the team spirit. Like Playa Playa to learn about the fact that abandoned waste ends up in the sea.

Other students appreciate the “brainstorming” that allows them to enrich their vocabulary. Paul very much enjoyed playing “Dr. Eureka”, a game made up of test tubes that had to be filled with colored balls that followed formulas. Without forgetting the mysteries, about the universe and the human body.

The content is very diverse. “It’s still science.” “This creates a fun connection between the student, family and teaching, and gives another image to the school,” smiles the teacher, touched by the middle school students’ comments. Nina summed it up: “We discover a lot of things and it makes you want to learn.

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