Busac.  New storage space

Busac. New storage space

When the walls are too narrow, they must be pushed back or new walls must be built, and this is the second formula chosen by the municipality to compensate for the lack of space in existing buildings in terms of storing and storing municipal equipment. The formula chosen was to build a barn measuring twenty meters by thirteen meters in the common area of ​​the village of Vries. This achievement was launched at the beginning of the year, to be operated during the summer with financial assistance from the administration, the region and the state. As for the work, it was awarded to Bruno Pélissier for the earthworks, Moly Rey for the structural works, Genestate for the metal frame, Alain Malaterre for the plumbing works, and Sylvain Colligny for the electrical works. You should also know that there is a 36 kilowatt photovoltaic energy production project in this building. Tables, chairs, benches, barricades and other general equipment are now stored in this new building. This process can be summarized as “killing two birds with one stone” because the space freed up from the old school courtyard will be allocated to a new function in the coming weeks which will be communicated to you later.

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