According to science, sharing good news makes us less happy

According to science, sharing good news makes us less happy

According to a recent study, not sharing the good news that punctuates our lives can boost our energy and have beneficial effects on our well-being. truly ?

Good news can be shared. If this feeling is yours too, Know that talking to those around you about the beneficial things that happen to you in your life is not necessarily in your best interest. This is what was just revealed New study from’American Psychological Association Published in the November edition of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The latter was carried out on more than 2,500 participants who were paid to have a positive experience and had to… keep it to themselves. At the end of this experiment, the scientists discovered that the “patients” felt more energized and well-off when they kept their good news to themselves, whether for a short or long period of time. So it seems that it’s not just negative secrets that shouldn’t be revealed…

Why is it better to keep your good news to yourself?

As they say, sometimes you have to keep certain things to yourself. Moreover, the study shows that out of 14 to 15 good pieces of news received, 5 to 6 of them will be kept secret. This is an important number that is no less surprising. So why should the most positive things that happen to us, in our daily lives punctuated by sad and painful events, remain buried deep within ourselves? According to the study’s lead author, Michael Slepian, this would make its revelation even more exciting. He explains:

“People often keep positive secrets for their own pleasure or to make a surprise more exciting. Instead of relying on external pressures, positive secrets are often chosen due to personal desires and internal motivations. When we feel that our actions stem from our own desires and not from external pressures, We also feel prepared to face whatever lies ahead.

So it would be a matter of existence Feeling in control of our emotions Which would allow us to do thatAchieving a sense of well-being. According to the same source:

“Avoir higher temperatures – during the day, in the evening or at a higher time – to imagine the joyful surprise on the person’s face that we allow higher temperatures to pass during this exciting moment, but this is not the case in our home. spirit “

Another study shows that the human mind is ultimately more complex than we think. And you, do you reveal all your good news to your loved ones or do you prefer to keep it a secret?

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