Le Bal des Couillons show at Bizanos, Espace Daniel Balavoine: tickets, reservations and dates

Ball of Couillons

Bal des Couillons, a must-see show in Byzanos (Daniel Balavoine’s Espace)March 30, 2024. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this show can be found on this page. Book your ticket now to attend this show at Pizanos!

Le Bal des Couillons exhibition in Bezanos in 2024

Le Bal des Couillons show to be seen at Bizanos Saturday 30 March 2024 at 8pm. This show will take place in a well-known venue in the region: Espace Daniel Balavoine – Bizanos, a venue that regularly hosts shows such as Le Bal des Couillons.

Other dates are planned for this show: Find all Le Bal des Couillons tour dates in 2023-2024.

Le Bal des Couillons show tickets at Bizanos

Tickets for the next performance of Le Bal des Couillons at Bizanos are on sale through the online ticket office. Book your ticket now to experience this show on stage!

To purchase tickets

Ticket prices for the Le Bal des Couillons show at Bezanos start at €30.8. Different categories of seating may be sold, depending on its location in the room. Therefore, prices may vary from one category to another.

You can also book your tickets for the Le Bal des Couillons show at Châteaugiron – Le Zéphyr (35).

Ball of Couillons

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