Science Village in Osel to learn all about sports and science

Science Village in Osel to learn all about sports and science

Does the math and physics all seem complicated, or even downright arcane? After visiting the Science Village organized by Voltaire College this Thursday, October 19 on the occasion of the Science Festival, you will no longer see equations in the same way!

Science Festival and Science Village, how do they work? The Science Festival is organized every year by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in cooperation with the Récréasciences Association, with the aim of making science accessible to everyone. This year the focus is on the theme “Sports and Science”.

Voltaire College, which organizes this science festival, has organized a Science Village with around thirty pavilions open to schools and the general public. The stands are run by students from elementary, middle and high schools in Haute-Corres, as well as local associations.

Half of them, says Pierre Castan, professor of mathematics at Voltaire College, will deal with the year’s theme. In total, 250 elementary school students, 400 middle school students, and about fifty high school students were mobilized.

What will there be to see at Science Village? Workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations, which will address three main topics, define Pierre Castan: sport and health, performance materials and track physics. There are many ways to realize that science is all around us and that we do it without even knowing it.

Don’t miss the Little Inventors Challenge, a technology challenge involving about a dozen elementary school classes; They must invent a device to throw a ping pong ball as far as possible. Or the Voltaire Middle School students’ take on “probability in mathematics,” or how to turn a game of darts into a mathematical calculation. Or the “Eco-Mobile Charging” workshop, given by high school students from Port-Arts, or how to ride a bike while recharging the battery.The Science Village will present about thirty stands in the multi-purpose hall.

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It will also be about nutritional balance, pollination and its effect on food, combat robots or perfumes. The associations will deal, for example, with underwater diving, the relationship between physics and table tennis, heart rate or geological heritage. At the invitation of the Haute Cours community, former cyclist Christophe Passons will raise awareness about doping.

The Department of Flowers of the City of Osel will present an exhibition on “Mathematical Feats in the Service of Science.”

Middle school students from Océan participate in a participatory science project with the Tara Océan Foundation

The Science Festival is open to everyone. Pierre Castan insists: “The main goal of this event is to help young people understand how the world around them works and how the technologies they love so much work. To develop their critical thinking and not to be simple consumers. And to present science in a more fun, less complicated way. Once we offer an experiment “Something concrete becomes easier,” the teacher notes. “By offering them something less formal, we hope to get their attention.”

A principle that also applies to adults. Therefore, the Science Village offers the general public a conference at 6:30 pm in the multimedia hall, organized by Amopa.

: “Water, a resource that must be conserved”, hosted by Genevieve Viouillade, Professor of Water Chemistry and Head of the Department of Water and Environmental Engineering at ENSIL-ENSCI in Limoges. A very concrete way to deal with the evolution of water availability qualitatively and quantitatively.


The Science Village will open its doors on Thursday, October 19, in the Osel Multi-Purpose Hall, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm. Free entry. Blandine Houtin-Mercier

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