Pierre Thevenoux’s funny show… usually in Rennes, Espace Beausoleil Pont-Péan: tickets, reservations and dates

Pierre Thevenoux is funny... usually

Pierre Thevenoux is funny… usually, a must-see show in Rennes (Espace Beausoleil Pont-Péan)November 17, 2023. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this show can be found on this page. Book your ticket now for this show in Rennes!

Pierre Thevenoux show in Rennes (Pont Bien) in 2023

Pierre Thévenoux performs at Pont-Péan Friday, November 17, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. This show will take place in a well-known venue in the region: Espace Beausoleil – Pont-Péan, a venue that regularly hosts shows such as Pierre Thevenot’s show.

Known for his unique comedic talents, Pierre Thevenoux performs funny shows that captivate audiences all over France. His performances are characterized by a mixture of satire and observation of everyday life, presented in a cutting, direct style but always imbued with an entertaining lightness. Building on his growing reputation, Thevenoux’s shows have become a staple of the French comedy scene, attracting viewers from different backgrounds. His unique way of engaging his audience with his biting humor cements his position as a leading artist in the French comedy scene. Thevenoux’s work offers a lively and engaging performance experience that appeals to the allies of modern humour.

Find out about other dates planned, throughout France, for the Pierre Thevenoux show in 2023 on our dedicated page.

Ticket office for the Pierre Thevenoux show in Rennes

Tickets for Pierre Thevenoux’s upcoming show at Pont-Péan are on sale through the online ticket office. Book your ticket now to experience this show on stage!

To purchase tickets

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the Ticket prices for a Pierre Thevenoux show at Pont-Péan Starting from 24.2 euros. Different categories of seating may be sold, depending on its location in the room. Therefore, prices may vary from one category to another.

You can also book your tickets for the Pierre Thevenoux show at Le Hailan, Bordeaux – L’entrepot (33).

Pierre Thevenoux is funny… usually

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Pont Paine Town Hall (LD21-1082/1083/1084) Displays: This display. Beneath his guise as a tall, handsome man, Pierre Thévenoux tackles all topics, from the environment to money and religions, and from anecdotes about his friends to his alcoholic evenings, with great competence.
After a stint at the Jamal Comedy Club and several Parisian theatres, and now a columnist for France Inter, comedian Pierre Thevenoux makes his first show.

“Premiere is wicked funny!” Telerama

  • PMR access number:
  • Access: Free parking and access to buses from Rennes
  • From 11 years
  • Duration: 1h20 (no break)

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