“The white hole hypothesis is fascinating.”

“The white hole hypothesis is fascinating.”

Carlo Rovelli. Stefania D’Alessandro/WireImage/GettyImages

INTERVIEW – In his latest work, the physicist presents to the general public his latest work on the evolution of black holes, and the way they can “bounce back”.

Carlo Rovelli is a professor at the University of Aix-Marseille. He co-founded a theory that attempts to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity (loop quantum gravity), and is a successful author since the global acclaim of his book in 2014. Seven brief lessons in physicsTranslated into 56 languages. Today he publishes his seventh book White holes (Filmarion), in which he presents to the general public his latest work on the evolution of black holes.

Le Figaro. – Your latest book is a very brief work. For any reason?

Carlo Rovelli. – My previous two books, Time arrangement And Heligoland – An attempt to explain the meaning of quantum mechanics – They were quite “heavy” books, full of ideas and content, which did not make them easy to read. I wanted to write something lighter, accessible to everyone. I wanted to tell what I’m currently working on, but in an accessible form, a bit like a story…

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