Science Festival: Submit your ideas

Science Festival: Submit your ideas

There are institutions that we do not go into in Ardish. The Science Festival is one such event that cannot be missed. Especially since 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of this great autumn event that is increasingly popular with the public. An average of 25,000 to 29,000 visitors flock each year to discover a specific technological innovation, attend a conference, or discuss the latest scientific discoveries carried out in the region. Except for 2020, which has such a special context … 7,000 people still count, and it’s really not so bad!

In all modesty, the organizer – the Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture of Eyrieux (CCSTI) – relies on this richness, at least. Even more, of course, if the sanitary measures were less restrictive than last year. But in the absence of the gift of prior knowledge, the leaders of L’Arche des Métiers are already determined to seek project leaders, whose ideas are essential to present the activities to be planned throughout the Ardèche region in 1he is Until October 17.

« We need suggestions from companies, schools, residents and associations that have an innovative spirit for the party to be beautiful Says Lætitia Perrin of CCSTI.

Project leaders: Deadline May 21

We welcome all proposals, as long as they enter the spirit of the organizers: to show how, in everyday life, science is useful to ardeshua and to what extent it can be applied to almost all sectors of activity (cultural, sports, for example). The ultimate goal of this free event is to make it accessible to as many people as possible. ” From year to year, we want to give a taste of science; This celebration is a presentation of our department, which does not include, as is the case in other regions, a university, for example. The unique opportunity to create a true exchange. Our overriding idea is learning while having fun and that is also why these days are also so family friendly. For project leaders, who invent an interactive workshop or another with the audience, these days are motivating. Because the Science Festival is also and above all a way to promote local knowledge., Lætitia Perrin sums up. For organizational reasons, project leaders must introduce themselves as quickly as possible. The deadline is Friday May 21. “We succeed in mobilizing about fifty project leaders every year.”, Says Lætitia Perrin. “Even if we do not force anyone to come up with ideas related to the 30th anniversary of the ceremony, we suggest, if some wish, to think, for example, about a topic entitled: History and the future. Why not look to the next thirty years and imagine this or that scientific innovation of tomorrow ? ”

Preserve the village

The near future and questions of the moment, however, remain organizing a science village, which is not easy to implement due to the problem of social distancing during the epidemic. Last year, it was planned in Tiel, in solidarity with the population affected by the November 2019 earthquake, but it had to be canceled at the last minute, at D minus 4! “It was a disaster for us and we want to avoid it in the fall of 2021”Lætitia Perrin announces. “We are determined to come back and install it at Le Teil this year, but we will be expecting it by providing a Plan B or even Plan C”. There are three scenarios, which are currently being discussed with local elected officials, and it is actually envisaged to preserve this science village at Le Teil. But at the present time it is impossible for us to reveal more about this topic …

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