Volunteers create green space in the Marjorie area

Volunteers create green space in the Marjorie area

In Lons-le-Saunier, in Jura, a small green space was born, in the heart of the Marjorie district. Thanks to the work of a group of volunteers.

In the beginning there were nurseries. Long time ago. At the beginning of the twentieth century. Then, town and concrete eat up the space.

Today, a group of Jura Nature Volunteers are helping to regain the upper hand. At Lons-le-Saunier, in the Marjorie region, between buildings and asphalt, they take turns to reclaim abandoned land.

“For me, it is important to create a living space in every sense of the word.”Virgil explains, “A meeting place for people and a place to welcome biodiversity”

Association Jura nature environment He wants to preserve the rare tree species that were planted there a hundred years ago.

Waterfall and stream have been restored. A pond has been excavated in order to preserve biological diversity. This piece of nature that is gradually being found is replacing the swamp land.

“To save the planet, we must first save the men.”Vincent Dams, Project Manager at the Jura Nature Environment, identifies. Add :

There, we have a great tool for reconnecting people with nature and reconnecting this nature with people!

Vincent Dams, Ecology of Nature in the Jura

Next to the site and the partner in the project, the Franco-Turkish Association is responsible for paying the costs of the work.

Excavation work has been completed and the land developed. The two societies will continue to work together. Now it is a matter of sowing and planting new flowers and trees.

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