Science Festival at the Arenberg Creative Mine Arenberg Creative Mine, October 10, 2021, Wallers.

Science Festival October 09-10
Arenberg Creative Mine Arenberg Creative Mine / Agglomeration La Porte du Hainaut. Free face-to-face admission for the general public.
Saturday October 09 – 2:00 PM
Sunday October 10 – 2:00 PM

Science Festival is coming to Arenberg Creative Mine for the weekend! In partnership with the DeVisu Laboratory of the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University, the Tourist Office, and the Agglomeration Community of La Porte du Hainaut, the Arenberg Creative Mine team invites you to dive into the heart of news, image and heritage preservation technologies. Experience new sensations thanks to virtual reality, augmented reality, photogrammetry, holograms… Come and experience all our workshops. Within reach of the whole family, come try and take part in the Science Fest!
Suggested Demonstrations / Estimated Labs
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October 2021
Hologram projection machine.
(open to all)
Virtual reality, escape game and planning / audio-visual counters and clock 25
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October 2021
Virtual Reality Discovery Sessions for Virtual Reality, “In the Place of Thomas Bisket”, “Notes on Blindness” …
(Open to 11 years old)
Micromapping: Displaying animations on a model representing the mining site. (open to all)
Media Education Escape Game Hack (Available for everyone from the age of 11)
. Suggested workshops / TresorSaturday 9 October and Sunday 10 October 2021
Photopainting: Photopainting consists of mixing light and movement, thus creating photographs with light effects. The workshop consists of experimenting with photographic techniques, creating light sources and unleashing creativity.
(open to all)

. Suggested Workshops / Regional Photography Center
Sunday 10 October 2021
Proposal for a portrait workshop of a handsome brunette, which is based on an ancient technique, the Van Dyck process. from 7 years)

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Arenberg Creative Mine Rue Michel Rondet 59135 Wallers 59135

Organizer: Arenberg Creative Mine