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The Espace de Forges team is preparing for upcoming shows. (L’Éclaireur-La Dépêche)

Theblacksmithing space He returns to the front of the stage and announces a rich and varied program for this new cultural season. And for this cover, the world-famous trumpeter, Ibrahim Maalouf, will be the first artist to come and perform October 5, 2021.

Calendar and artist requirements, negotiations with production companies, accommodation reservations… Cultural season programming requires organization, as Catherine Legon explained, President of the Association since 2015:

As for programming, we’ve been working nearly a year in advance. Each team member presents their ideas and we are in direct contact with the production companies.

Catherine LegonHead of Espace de Forges

identifies Priscilla Lefebvre, responsible for relations with production :

Not all artists pass through the small rooms (less than 1,000 seats). For example, his Indochina tour cannot come because he only passes through the Zeniths.

Priscilla LefebvreResponsible for relations with production

Concert, theater, humor…

By the end of the year, eleven shows are already planned. “On average, we organize 25 events per year with the season running from October to May while June is dedicated to associations and year-end shows,” the team explains. In terms of concerts, Maxime Le Forestier (October 8), Claudio Capéo (October 14), Suzane (October 20), Hugues Aufray (November 5), Lynda Lemay (November 12) and Patrick Fiori (November 19) will perform at City. tolerance. And in 2022, arrivals from Pinabar (February 24), Michel Gregorio (March 9), Pierre Lemarchall (March 11) and Jeremy Ferrero (March 22) have been formalized. A little later in the year, Sheila, for 60 years on stage, and Keogh, for her return, will move to Bray’s country.
Plays, comedians, and musical shows are also on the list. Postponed, Jean-Marie Begard will perform on December 9 as well as Élodie Poux on November 11, Jérôme Commandeur on March 4, Les Frères Taloche on March 6, and Bun Hay Mean on March 25.
Three plays have also been announced: The Canapé with Jean Benguigui and Laurent Gamelon (November 14), Tsunami and Louis XVI. Father with Patrick Sebastian (March 27). Note that the National Siberian Ballet will set foot on the Forges-les-Eaux Theater on April 3.

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‘We have to be vigilant about the budget’

With a capacity of 1,400 parking spaces and 700 seats, the Espace de Forges must adapt.

Everyone will sit down for Ibrahim Maalouf’s concert, for a more intimate concert. All this is looked at upstream in order to budget for an upcoming artist, because ticket revenue varies according to the number of places available.”

Priscilla Lefebvre

On these words, Catherine Legon develops :

For example, if the artist costs 10,000 euros, it will cost 20,000 euros to the association. We must provide accommodation, food, copyright, technology, and intermittent entertainment. We must be vigilant about the budget. The goal is to balance the books at the end of the season.

Catherine Legon

While on hold, the Espace de Forges was always open and the six team members were part-time.

We have been postponing shows and refunding tickets. We almost managed to put everything off even though there were a few cancellations. The two directors also did the work in the performance hall,” Catherine Lejeune explains.

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