Science and a vaccine: high confidence in Luxembourg

Science and a vaccine: high confidence in Luxembourg

Since the end of December, vaccination against Covid has been in full swing in the country. More than 685,000 doses have already been administered. More than 326,000 residents have already followed the “complete vaccination schedule”.

Herd immunity is on the right track. An impression confirmed by a survey conducted by Statec in May and June in cooperation with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. According to this survey, “82% of those surveyed said they would be ready to be vaccinated.” In addition, “nearly three-quarters of respondents declared that they had high confidence in science and more than two-thirds of them had high confidence in the work of the world in general,” Static points out in a statement on Tuesday, before emphasizing that “Luxembourg has a level of confidence in science.” And scientists are comparable to the level of the United States and northern Europe.”

Age plays a role

Therefore, approximately 82% of respondents “agree or fully agree” with the Covid vaccination. However, “13% of respondents disagree or strongly disagree (5% are neutral).” Note that the desire to vaccinate increases with age. “After age 65, vaccination becomes more important than using face masks,” Static says.

In addition, with vaccination, “nearly 72% of the population declare to always use a mask due to the epidemic and only 1.7% declare to never use a mask in public places.”

According to Static, “The results show the importance of citizens’ trust in science and the work of scientists, the latter which determines the propensity for pollination.” The institute continues to “promote public confidence in science, explaining how science advances and solidifying knowledge is essential to implementing more effective health policies.” Trust in general, and especially in public institutions, plays a positive role in vaccination.”

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