My healthy space on bars

My healthy space on bars

Allowing each French person to manage their health data, medical appointments and the path of their care with complete independence, this is the goal of Mon Espace Santé. A public platform, jointly developed by the Ministerial Delegation for Digital Health (DNS) and the National Health Insurance Fund, as part of the “My Health 2022” plan and the roadmap set in 2019 to accelerate the digital transformation of the health system. This secure and customizable platform will be officially launched in January 2022. Created automatically for people born after that date, it will be available to every citizen and will give them access to a suite of e-health services developed by public and private actors.

Basic services and a range of digital solutions to manage your health

The insured will find in his space several so-called basic services, which are necessary for managing his health data and organizing his medical follow-up: in addition to his administrative data (name, first name, gender, date and place of birth, nationality). health identifier, etc.), the space will consist of the joint medical file (DMP), data for reimbursement by health insurance and personal data (health constants produced by digital objects or solutions, the answers to the online questionnaire freely filled in by the insured and any data Others are useful for prevention and care coordination). It will include secure messaging to enable exchange of messages and documents with healthcare professionals, as well as an electronic diary and catalog (or “shop”) of e-health solutions.

The space also provides a directory of licenses to access their personal health data, whether or not they are hosted in that space.

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At the beginning of 2022, each insured will receive an email or postal letter from the health insurance informing them of the availability of their place. It will open by default meaning that the insured may oppose the creation of their personal space but must formally express this within 6 weeks of sending the information letter.

30 E-Health Companies Listed in the Store

The first call for apps to feed the e-services catalog was launched in 2020, sparking real excitement among manufacturers and e-health startups. Areas involved include telemedicine, appointment scheduling, disease monitoring, care coordination, prevention, and wellbeing. Of the 117 companies that applied, 30 were selected, including public groups (La Poste), hospital structures (AP-HP, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Elsan), leading healthcare companies IS (Cegedim Logiciels Médicales, CompuGroup). Medical), many start-ups (Doctolib, Qare, Withings, Eyeneed, HappyNeuron…) and pharmaceutical companies (Abbott, Biogen). These companies develop mobile applications and/or websites. Until the end of the year, they participate in working groups aimed at analyzing use cases, defining the operational conditions of the referral and setting the conditions for the exchange of data between Mon Espace Santé and the reference services.

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