The model is the most beautiful woman in the world, according to science

While it is said that beauty depends on each person’s perspective, scholars believe that there is one person who stands out above the rest because he has called Bella Hadid the most beautiful woman in the world.
The 24-year-old is said to be 94.35% of the golden ratio of Phi beauty. A very elegant name for the scale of physical perfection that dates back to ancient Greece.
So the shape of Bella’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw, and face were measured and approached the idea of ​​beauty according to the Greeks.

Singer Beyoncé, 39, was second with 92.44% against the famous golden ratio, while actress Amber Heard, 33, was third with 91.85%.

As for the 26-year-old pop star Ariana Grande, she ranked fourth in the rankings with 91.81%. Britain’s top-ranked Kate Moss, 47, is sixth in the table with 91.05%, putting her ahead of her rival, the other most successful British model, Cara Delevingne, 28, in tenth place with 89.99%.
The list was edited in 2019 using various computer-mapping techniques by Harley Street facial plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva, who uses this technique in his work.

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Dr De Silva, head of the London-based Center for Aesthetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said:

“It is clear that Bella Hadid was the winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection.

She had an overall highest score for her chin of 99.7%, which is only 0.3% of being the perfect shape. Bella also came in second behind Scarlett Johansson in setting her eye. Closely surpassed by Beyoncé, she scored 99.6% higher marks for her face shape and very high marks for her eyes, eyebrows, and lips. All new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what makes a person physically beautiful and technology is useful when planning surgery for a patient. “

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credit: PA

The golden ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks to try to measure beauty. Here are the ten most beautiful women in the world according to this famous golden ratio:

  • Bella Hadid – 94.35%
  • Beyoncé – 92.44%
  • Amber Heard – 91.85%
  • Ariana Grande 91.81%
  • Taylor Swift – 91.64%
  • Kate Moss – 91.05%
  • Scarlett Johansson – 90.91%
  • Natalie Portman – 90.51%
  • Katy Perry – 90.08%
  • Cara Delevingne – 89.99%

Dr. Julian de Silva also identified the stars with the most beautiful noses, eyes, eyebrows, chin, lips, forehead and face shapes:

  • Nose – amber heard 99.7%
  • Eyes – Scarlett Johansson 99.9%
  • Lips – Cara Delevingne 98.5%
  • Eyebrows – Cara Delevingne 94%
  • Menton – Bella Hadid 99.7%
  • Front – Kate Moss 98.8%
  • Face Shape – Beyoncé 99.6%

But do not forget that the beauty of men comes from within…

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