Immediate launch of space at the Benedictine monastery

Immediate launch of space at the Benedictine monastery

Mar: We’re already there! This is the evening presented by the Audoise Hélios Astronomie on Thursday, in the grandiose setting of the abbey convent, spectators will not keep their feet on the ground for long …

True space enthusiasts, Guy Andrews and George Farren created the Hélios Astronomie Society. They took the initiative to highlight and discover Mars during the evening Mar: We’re already there! Inside the monastery of the Benedictine monastery Caunes-Minervois. On this evening’s Program with Your Head in the Stars, Under the Stars conference hosted by Patrick Bennett, currently director of research at CNRS and former founder of the Alpha Centauri Astronomy Club, Serge Chevrell, now an astronomer at the Institute for Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science.

The conference will focus on the exploration of Mars by robots and the return of humans to the Moon. Then, at approximately 11:15 pm, the Hélios Astronomie Society will offer to monitor the passage of the International Space Station, with Thomas Pesquet on board, which will pass 495 kilometers above the monastery. To end the evening with a magical observation, starting at 11:30 p.m., it will also be possible to contemplate planets such as Saturn and Jupiter through a telescope from the Caunes-Minervois Municipal Stadium, as well as nebulae and galaxies. It is a free evening that promises to be rich in knowledge and discovery.

A health permit is mandatory for this event. Reservations at the monastery are recommended. Phone: 04 68 78 09 44

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