Sarah Baraten, Italian rugby icon: 'I don't earn anything to continue working in the gym'

Sarah Baraten, Italian rugby icon: ‘I don’t earn anything to continue working in the gym’

Sarah Baratten

She didn’t even expect it when her comrades excitedly informed her. Goal Sarah Baraten, 36 years old from Treviso, the most participating player in the history (appearance) of the national team (over 100), scored in the middle of the first half against Scotland in the match in Parma last 13 September, was included in the nominations for the best global celebration of Women’s rugby in 2021. In running with her were France’s Emilie Poulard (later winner) and Romain Menegger, as well as Englishman Abby Dow.

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, how did Paraten choose a sport that was previously purely masculine?
“I dealt through school projects, I was in middle school and some athletes from Casal came to teach us how to play. From that moment on, I fell in love with the oval, but to practice it I had to wait until I was eighteen to start training.”

By what logic?
«Before, I did not have a driver’s license, and to move to Treviso I needed a car. My parents didn’t want to know, I had to push myself and support myself. And I think many of my cousins ​​are rugby players. Previously, I used to do artistic gymnastics and athletics, but since I came of age I realized that my path was rugby.”

Question for beginners: Are there differences between masculine and feminine?
“No, they are the same. The rules are the same, the playing field, the ball as well as the third game. It just changes the game. Our country is less fast and less powerful.”

You are the most featured athlete in the national team, how do you live this record?
“It’s actually just a number that represents the perseverance and perseverance of all these years as well as the many sacrifices.”

Best memory of your long (and unfinished) career?
Qualifications for the various world championships. From that to 7, to the six countries where we took third place. A result that allowed us to compete in the 2017 World Championships. The last results in September were also a great emotion, as they allowed us to buy a ticket for the World Cup in New Zealand in 2022.”

I was also a co-founder of Rugby Casal, how did you come up with it?
“I needed to change the scene and get away from Treviso. Instead of quitting, I thought of creating something in the city. Head Casale was the father of a very dear friend. He gave us a helping hand and now I know there are many young girls who have come close to rugby. The hope is to form a series of teams starting with the youth teams.”

But thanks to rugby, are you able to support yourself?
“The oval ball, unfortunately, is not a job, it’s just a passion. I’m a fitness trainer in the weight room at the gym, that’s my profession. When you play with the national team, there is little compensation for the expenses, but you cannot support yourself in that.”

Forgive us for the rudeness, but who made him do that?
“Love and love. Sixteen years of this sport is a long time but my strength remains steady and competitive spirit. At thirty-seven I want to improve myself and do my best.”

What is your goal now?
“To play the World Cup in New Zealand in September 2022. Then we will see. I don’t make plans, I live step by step. Do you know what the real problem is? I am still enjoying myself and have no intention of quitting.”

How is Italian rugby?
“The interest in women is also increasing because we have won and achieved good results in recent years. There are more reporters and we have statistics and television coverage. Something is moving and it will keep getting better.”

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