Joe Schmidt, ancien coach adjoint de l

Joe Schmidt, former assistant coach of ASM, will strengthen oversight for the All Blacks

Set to air, and now it’s official: Former Ireland coach Joe Schmledt has been promoted to managing the New Zealand national team. All Blacks coach Ian Foster has welcomed the arrival of a former assistant coach of Clermont (2007-2010) and Leinster (2010-2013) in place of Grant Fox, and the different vision she will bring from the Northern Hemisphere to New Zealand. Collection. Foster replied, “You can easily see the success he’s had and what I also love is that maybe he sees the game a little differently than me and it’s good to bring a new perspective.”

The appointment comes as New Zealand come from a very poor European tour with two losses in four matches.

Joe Schmidt: “It’s so special for me to be back in Claremont”

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Schmidt, 56, has left his position as rugby manager and high performer at the World Rugby Championships during the pandemic in order to spend more time with his family. He’s delighted with this new post “because I’m a bit obsessed with analyzing players and how they play”.

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Schmidt is well respected in New Zealand rugby circles and was named assistant coach for the All Blacks in 2017, but chose to stay with Ireland. In addition to his role as the pick, Schmidt will also serve as an assistant coach for the Auckland Blues.

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