“SailGP”, Taranto stage of the Flying Boats World Tour

“SailGP”, Taranto stage of the Flying Boats World Tour

On the weekend of June 5 and 6, the Mar Grande in Taranto will be the maritime stadium for the Grand Sail of Italy.According to the eight events scheduled for SailGP Season 2. However, Early on June 1st, “Inspire” will leave for the Ionian capital, a program SailGP side initiatives It is dedicated to all areas affected by the circuit to leave a positive legacy for future generations, and to provide educational and training experiences.

A few days before the start of the second season of SailGP, the F50 Raft World ChampionshipAnd the Japanese SailGP Team She boosted her team by recruiting two international sailing stars: L.The Italian three-time Olympic and eight-time world champion, Francesco BruniAnd the British Chris DraperBronze medal at the 2004 Olympics. The two hold, respectively, the main roles of Flight controller Based on trimmer WhereOpening ceremony in Bermuda, Which will followGrand Prix Sail of ItalyOn June 5 and 6 in Taranto.

SailGP 4

After losing the title by a few points at the end of SailGP’s inaugural season, CEO and Japanese team captain Nathan Otteridge She decided to reinforce her crew, in light ofNoticeOr the second season. The Japan SailGP team includes some Japanese sailing stars, such as Liu TakahashiAnd the Tim Morishima e Yuki Kasatani, Who were already part of the team that played brilliantly in the first season.

Francesco Bruni

Bruni joins the Japanese SailGP team after her recent participation in the 36th America’s GamesS cup Who was assistant to his captain Red Moon With Jimmy Spethyl, Which Bruni will find again as a SailGP competitor as captain of Team USA. In the past, Francesco “Chico” Bruni is already racing alongside Outteridge, Marking 35ma American Cup in Bermuda, Which constitutes one of the most compact pairs. Both plan to make the Japanese team more competitive when they face the world’s top seven other best teams, in the first event of the competition, The Bermuda Sailing Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess.

Bruni said, “The SailGP is an amazing event I am delighted to meet the team and start this new and exciting adventure. I watched all the first season and liked the boat races, and I cannot wait to return to the flying boats competition again. “

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Bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics, L.Englishman Chris Draper is no newbie to SailGP: He was already trimmed for the British team during the first season. With this, the English champion brings the Japanese team his vast experience in the field of F50s, which thanks to Chips, Become real plane boats. In addition to participating in one of the best teams in the first SailGP season of 2019, Draper has participated in the previous two editions of the Copa America.

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“I have been fortunate enough to sail with some great teams throughout my career – He had the opportunity to confirm Draper Joining the Japanese team is the best. I am very proud to race with this crew and continue to compete at the highest level in our sport. It’s going to be epic, we’re all very excited and ready for this new challenge. “

SailGP 3

International sailors Wakako Kagimoto and Sina Takano complete the Japanese team in ‘SailGP Season Two ‘ He will join the team at various stages of the season: Kagimoto, former national and Olympic champion in London 2012, competing in Bermuda, Italy and the United Kingdom, while Takano, former World Junior Olympic champion in Rio 2016, will be part of the affiliate.Crew in Denmark, France and Spain. An athlete will then be selected for the final two events of the season, in New Zealand and the United States.

Approaching season – repeat Outteridge – It’s really exciting. Especially since we’re leaving with Francesco and Chriscrew. They are sailors whom I hold the utmost respect and will bring passion and experience to the entire team. With them, the talents that are already in our team grow with Leo, Tim, Yuki, athletes, Wakako and Sina. Season 2 will be awesome and with fierce competition. Racing against the best athletes in our sport, all on identical high-speed boats, at iconic locations around the world: What more do you want as a sailor? With us ranked second in the standings behind us in the first season, this year we definitely intend to perform better and our new signature proves that. “

SailGP Taranto 2021 Milucci

“We love SailGP’s ethical, social and visionary approach – Mayor of Taranto Reynaldo Milucci – commented – The “Ilham” project, which focuses on young talent, is in line Our development idea. Coaching young people by betting on their vocational and cultural training will give us a better future. Thanks to this international project, our children will have the opportunity to compete with the great champions of sailing. It is a wonderful opportunity and we are proud to bring it to Taranto. “

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The Ilham initiative, which works on inclusiveness and gender equality, is based on three pillars, education, employment and sports. With ‘learning inspiration’, sailing is a way to teach STEAM topics in a different way (English acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). This part of the program concerns elementary and middle school children in Tarantino who, accompanied by their teachers, will be able to explore the elements of physics on the basis of sailboat action. An original way to educate future generations about issues of sustainability and respect for nature.

SailGP Flight 5

Job inspiration It is intended for a young audience to whom current career opportunities in sports and engineering related to the world of sailing can be offered. For this part of the program, students between the ages of 18 and 23, in particular fifth-year students at the Archimedes Technical and Vocational Institute of Taranto – Maritime Address and students of Sports Science and Technology enrolled at the University of Bari – Taranto office, have applied. More information to participate in “Inspire Jobs” can be found at t.ly/YE9d link.

Sperm whales in Dolph Taranto

‘Race inspiration’, Finally, it is investing in the next generation of seafarers. In fact, there will not only be SailGP superheroes to participate in Taranto: since June 1, 14 sailors and sailors will face each other in single-chip ‘Waszp’ boats while in the SailGP racing days, it will face eight mixed crews who will compete on board RS Feva’s double fins will be showcased in front of the rotor and Race Village at the event. Seven local clubs from Taranto and others from Puglia and all over Italy are participating in the initiative. Federico Quaranta, European Champion of the O’pen Skiff Class in 2020 registered with Ondabuena SC, the support club chosen by SailGP, is also among the favorites for the ‘Waszp’ category. All technical cooperation activities will be entrusted to Ondabuena, which for more than twenty years has been dealing with the culture of the sea and sailing in the city of Taranto, and distinguishes itself in the competitive field for the results achieved by its young students at the national level and at the international level, all technical cooperation activities and logistics will be entrusted For the program dedicated to young talent. Submissions to participate in the Ilham Races are open until May 14th. More information and applications online at t.ly/gtRw.

“SailGP – Powered by Nature” is the world sailing championship Competing for a better future, promoting a world led by nature. SailGP offers the best F50 cruising competition, in which national teams compete in short and intense courses, stadium races of the type boat races over the most famous bodies of water around the world. The winner of the second season of SailGP will receive a prize of $ 1 million. During the season’s eight events, the top athletes juggle international sailing aboard an identical high-speed, high-speed F50 boat capable of exceeding 50 knots (about 100 km / h).

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