Obtaining permanent residency

Obtaining permanent residency

Obtaining permanent residency is not so easy: demanding standards, relatively high costs, processing times for applications …, and the epidemic has not helped. Who can get it? How can I get it? Increase permanent resident status in some countries.

Be a permanent resident of Canada

Having a permanent residence card in Canada not only allows you to live, work and study in the country, but it also benefits from benefits such as health care coverage and the ability to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Your application for permanent residency will cost you 1325 Canadian dollars or 880 euros. Once you obtain the status, you will need to spend at least seven hundred and thirty days over five years in Canada to maintain it.

But if you live in Canada, you know how tedious the process can be: Many expats testify to issues that have been banned for several years.

From May 5, the Canadian government begins a special process for “permanent residency.” For 90,000 foreign students and workers. They will be able to take advantage of a faster way to obtain permanent residency status. Until November 5, Immigration Canada will accept 20,000 applications from health workers, 30,000 other occupations deemed necessary (especially in the agricultural sector) and 40,000 applications from students.

To be eligible, you must have at least one year of Canadian experience in a sector considered essential if you are a worker or graduated from a Canadian institution if you are a student. The government’s goal is to accept 401,000 immigrants this year.

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Please note: Quebec is not affected by this process.

Be a permanent resident of New Zealand

In New Zealand, permanent residency is valid for life. Two options are available to you According to the New Zealand Immigration website :

  • le “residence visa for skilled immigrants”, Which costs 3,240 New Zealand dollars (or 1,930 euros). You must be under the age of 55, have a good level of English, and have professional skills that meet New Zealand’s needs. You must collect 160 points depending on your age, professional situation, etc. File processing times range from one month to twenty-four months.
  • Residency through ‘partnership’It can be accessed if you have lived for at least a year with a New Zealand resident. The application will be processed between four to ten months and cost 880 euros.

(Also note that if you are currently in New Zealand when your visa expires and you cannot return to France, You can apply for a Covid-19 visaThis will allow you to stay for another two months in the country.)

Be a permanent resident of Australia

Also in Australia, you have several options. According to the Australian immigration website, you can access permanent residency through your partnerIf he is an Australian citizen or resident. You have to be in a relationship for more than a year. Processing an application can take more than a year and will cost you 7,715 AUD (4,950 EUR). To obtain a “skilled regional visa” you must have lived for at least three years in Australia. This visa will allow you to stay indefinitely in the country, work or study there and benefit from the social protection system.

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Be a permanent resident of South Africa

According to Intergate Immigration, Permanent residency in South Africa is available if you are working, starting a business, or if you are the spouse of a South African citizen or resident. You are allowed to continue to live and work in the country, but you will automatically lose it if you leave South Africa for more than three years.

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