A woman is forced to leave a Hawaiian beach over a small target’s bikini

A woman is forced to leave a Hawaiian beach over a small target’s bikini

An American woman took to social media after being pushed to leave a public beach after an angry mother threw her little bikini on her.

Savannah Sims was in the sun on a Hawaiian beach when a family settled on the sand near them and quickly found themselves in trouble with two green bits.

After hearing her mother tell her partner Savannah that her bathers “were not feeling well,” she then confronts the bath and asks her to “leave.”

To de-escalate the situation, Savannah said she left and documented the experience Tik TokShe described it as the “worst experience” and showed viewers her “natural” bikini.

While many agreed that there was nothing wrong with wearing her, some took sides with her mother, saying, “Its stitches are correct.”

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Savannah explained in her video, “My mom starts telling her boyfriend, ‘I can’t get it’ and ‘It’s not okay with me.'”

She looked at me, so I asked her if there was a problem.

“He said he didn’t want to see my ass and the lady separated,” he said, saying that she was “lying on my back so he couldn’t even see my ass.”

At this point, Savannah turns the camera to show her the emerald green swimsuit.

“To be clear, that’s what I’m wearing. Cool is very natural, isn’t it?”

She went on to say that she tried to be respectful because of the kids and asked “what do you want me to cover” – but was shocked when the woman said she wanted him to leave.

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“She wanted me to leave,” Savannah recalls, explaining that she “got up and left,” but the meeting “ruined” that day.

The video, which has been viewed nearly a million times since it was posted on April 11th, sparked controversy over the size of the swimsuit in its comments – with opinions differing.

“But it’s a beach, what do you expect?” One.

Another told her, “She should have stayed. He did nothing wrong.”

“That’s when you put on your sunglasses and ignore them. Another guy said,” They should take care of their own business. “

But someone agreed with his mother, and said to Savannah, “Her ass is not covered.”

One user said, “I can only imagine if there are certain angles that other things will also appear.”

Another said, “This is a really small bikini.”

Others asked Savannah to reveal the identity of the “nice” swimmers, and she replied that she had bought them from Target.

While some indicated that the problem wasn’t really the swimwear, the tourist was being targeted by the locals.

“A lot of people wear a bikini that’s smaller than your clothes because you are a tourist,” one commentator said.

“I grew up in Hawaii and this bikini is very modest compared to what girls would wear in high school,” another agreed.

“We don’t like tourists, but that is a mistake as a local, sorry.” Another wrote: “The local girls here wear the exact same thing.”

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