New Zealand has disagreements with China

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged on May 3 that there were differences with China regarding human rights when her government was criticized for not being firm enough with China on the issue.

New Zealand, one of the countries of the Five Eyes Alliance, has distanced itself from AustraliaIt is another partner of this alliance in a conflict with China over human rights, according to Bloomberg.

“It is not necessary, at all times and in every case, to summon the Five Eyes as a first step in establishing a coalition of support around specific human rights issues.”New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahota said with her Australian counterpart Maryse Payne at a news conference in Wellington in mid-April.

For her part, Maryse Payne indicated this “We must also realize that China’s perspective – the nature of its involvement in our region and elsewhere in the world – has changed in recent years.”

Actually, Relations between China and Australia are at their worst, Especially with the ban imposed on Chinese companies from participating in building a 5G network for reasons “National Security” And in agreement with his American ally. In addition, Canberra has signed cooperation agreements with China within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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However, Clive Hamilton, a professor at Charles Sturt University, explained to Bloomberg New Zealand is taking a very friendly attitude towards Beijing, and is turning away from the stronger position it has taken. Other alliance partners.

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However, in a speech she gave in Auckland at an economic summit with China, Jacinda Ardern said that her country is joining China. ‘Deep fears’ On the erosion of democratic freedoms in Hong Kong and the treatment of the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang.

The leader mentioned that New Zealand is independent on foreign policy matters, and thus is free to choose whether these issues should be addressed publicly or in private conversations with China.

The latter also recognized that China and New Zealand would never agree on some issues. “It will not be forgotten here that with the increasing and developing role of China in the world, the differences between our systems (…) become more difficult to reconcile,” Announced.

For her, “This is the challenge that we and many other countries in the Indian and Pacific Oceans face, but also in Europe and other regions.”

“We have to realize that there are some things that China and New Zealand do not agree to, and will not, agree to.”She said. “It shouldn’t change our relationship, it’s just a fact.”

Moreover, New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuta recently said that Wellington will not allow the Intelligence Coalition The Five Eyes (Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, the United States and Canada), it dictates its policy to its main trading partner.

Especially since the Minister of Commerce, Damian O’Connor urged Australia to show more ” respect “ Toward ChinaAfter the archipelago signed an enhanced free trade agreement with China.

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