Russian oligarchs say Vladimir Putin is 'very sick' with leukemia

Russian oligarchs say Vladimir Putin is ‘very sick’ with leukemia

For several weeks and a television appearance that raised questions, Vladimir Putin was at the center of many rumors regarding his health. If cancer was really discussed, one Russian oligarch said it would be leukemia.

Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health have been circulating for several weeks…according to the media New Line Magazine Whoever quotes a judgmental judgment close to the Kremlin, the Russian president will be “very sick with leukemia.”

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Parkinson’s disease, thyroid cancer and other degenerative diseases… Rumors have been mounting since last month when Vladimir Putin appeared to be clinging to the table during a televised meeting. Pictures of the conversations caused a lot of talk, because the head of the Kremlin seemed to have difficulty conducting the conversation and had to enter the office in which he was installed.

This comes days after speculation that he underwent surgery to remove fluid from his stomach, according to a report New York Post. The American media, receiving information from the anti-Kremlin channel “General SVR”, claimed that Vladimir Putin was to undergo surgery on May 12.

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So the secret recording of this Russian oligarch obtained by New Lines has revived the rumours. Obviously, the type of cancer, like any disease, has not been confirmed by the Kremlin. These are just rumors that were already echoed by the New York Post, when it claimed that Vladimir Putin could undergo an operation for cancer and that during his recovery, he would leave his place to one of his close advisers, Nikolai Patrushev.

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