Justine Benin has been appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of the sea in the government

Justine Benin has been appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of the sea in the government

Elizabeth Bourne’s government is now known as Guadeloupean Justine Benin, Deputy of the 2nd District who will serve as Secretary of State responsible for the sea

Perhaps this is the biggest surprise for the Overseas Territories with the arrival of Justin Benin at the head of the State Secretariat in charge of the sea From the government of Elizabeth Bourne.
However, the MP from the Second District, who is also a candidate for re-election, succeeds another Overseas Territory figure, the former Minister for the Overseas Territories, Annick Girardin.

The entry into the government of Justin Benin also corresponds to many of the wishes of the President of the Republic: to reward the elected official who has always supported him, to find a balance between the various political forces belonging to his majority, in this case the Ministry of Defense of Justin Benin, and also, two other important considerations: the number of women in the government, And not least, the presence of characters from the outside.
Many guarantees and guarantees that Justine Benin alone can offer the new government and especially the President of the Republic.

Guadeloupe’s deputy, Justin Benin, defends the dock’s duties on the seats of the National Assembly.

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Mark also, thanks to the overseas territories, France is the second largest naval power in the world.

Justin Boys he is Boy March 12, 1975 in Les Abymes. she He has been a deputy for the second district since 2017.
After obtaining a master’s degree in social law in Toulouse, Justine Benin started her career in the field of youth judicial protection, then in Paul Employ She held various positions for the Public Employment Service, first in Ile-de-France and then in Guadeloupe, where she held this position before being elected to the National Assembly.

Justin Boys

Close to Gabriel Luis Carabine in her political beginnings, she was elected in 2008 in the municipal majority of the latter. But she deviates from him to join the socialist team Victorine Laurel in 2010, even as she will be the third vice president in charge of apprenticeship training.

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The legislative elections saw the opposition of Gabriel-Louis Carabine, who was defeated in 2017. She then joined the presidential majority fold by joining the modem François Bayrou. A political choice that earned him the position of Minister of State for Maritime Affairs in the French Republic

Justin Boys

Justin Boys

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