TUNISIA – But what stings Mr. Said?

But what stings Mr. Said and Samir, the Tunisian Minister of Economy and Planning?

In an interview with France 24, which was broadcast on May 19, 2022 at 6’.44’, Mr. Samir expressed his desire to “establish a consultative dialogue between the various stakeholders, including the ministries of finance. And the Ministry of Economy and Planning” to discuss monetary policy decisions and this Before the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT)” to which “the final decision rests” makes the amendments.

In an unfortunate sentence, Said derided a law, the independence of an institution, and Baba’s fundamentalism for the conduct of monetary policy… Above all, he mocked himself with an inaccurate declaration.

As if to catch up, Said and Samir Marhem applied the institutions’ respect by emphasizing that he “understands this decision of the Central Bank of Tunisia in light of the difficult conditions that Tunisia is going through, which aims to control inflation. To avoid the collapse of the currency.”

To wonder why a minister, An ex-surplus banker, conceding that kind of ridiculous remarks, especially in the foreign media? This, in a way, explains why talks with international bodies are so slow.

Because, looking closely, according to Article 57 of Law 2016-35; Released 25 April 2016; And on the statutes of the Central Bank of Tunisia, in the formation of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Tunisia, the decision-making authority, two representatives of the government prominently appear: “the official responsible for managing the public debt in the Ministry in charge of finance” and “the framework responsible for forecasting in the Ministry of Development” economic”. Or the ministry run by Mr. Saeed.

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verified On the BCT site, these positions are respectively occupied by Ms. Kawthar Babiya Ghamrasni (since July 13, 2015) and Raja Boulabiyar (since November 02, 2020)!

Did the Minister know that Ms. Boulabier has sat on the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Tunisia for almost two years? Definitely !

This increases the confusion over the statement of the Minister of Economy and Planning.

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