Rugby - 14th place - SF / R92

Rugby – 14th place – SF / R92

Our colleagues’ international center from RMC Sport and Midi Olympique is back on the move from Stade Français to Racing 92. before take off LabaoFriday night (8:45 PM), Racing will attempt to confirm its success against Claremont From last week (45-19), Gaël Fickou took the time, at the start of the week, to announce For our colleagues from RMC Sport and Midi Olympique about him Controversial transfer From Stade Français to the adjacent sky and white in the heart of the season. And we guess in some of his answers a little bitterness, especially about them Interview the owner The Parisian, Hans Peter Wilde, published in our columns: “Everything is laid flatConfirms , Apart from this intervention by Dr. Wild who disappointed me a little. But hey, this is how it is, it’s also the game, and you have to respect that. Gaël Fickou about his move “should have consulted with me before” Gaël Fickou would like more discussion from one man to the next, and he remembers it in the context of some of his answers: “I can understand the choice of Stade Français. But there are ways to do it. I should have been consulted before.” Did he like to stay? “I could survive. I had a contract. But what’s the point of coming every day to a club that wants to set you free? Training my mind. So, if you are no longer interested in the club … on a human level, I was sad to leave my teammates behind, but I’m glad I have A challenging place to go and play in the final stages. Read also Evaluation / Top 14 Score

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