Fourteenth place - French stadium Paris: Signed Laumape after heated negotiations with his association

Fourteenth place – French stadium Paris: Signed Laumape after heated negotiations with his association

Posted May 14, 2021 at 12:50 PM – Updated May 14, 2021 at 12:52 PM.

Matthew Warnier

According to the New Zealand press, Ngani Laumape’s signature at Stade Français Paris came after difficult and unsuccessful negotiations with the New Zealand rugby union.

Ngani Laumape decides to turn his back on the All Blacks. Evolving in hurricanes, the three-quarter center will leave New Zealand for Stade Français Paris at the end of the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman, a competition that relates to New Zealand and Australian teams in the major tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. But according to the local daily newspaper New Zealand Herald, The story could have been completely different. Actually, The New Zealand Rugby Federation (NZR) offered a citizen of Palmerston North a new date on similar terms to those introduced during the most recent contract extension in 2019.. But between intense competition in the All Blacks’ offensive line, an injury that did not allow him to settle in the group last year and a certain lack of confidence since he was not chosen for the last World Cup, Ngani Laumape considered that the NZR show was not enough in his eyes.

The French stadium in Paris seized the opportunity

Faced with this failed negotiation, The center with sixteen selections under the All Blacks jersey turned into potential performances from the outside. At the time, the Francis Paris stadium, weakened by the departure of Gail Fico, who had recently joined the 92nd race, and Jonathan Dante, who would join La Rochelle next summer, saw Negani Laumabe as a boost to the selection. impression. The New Zealand Herald He says the difference between the bonuses provided by New Zealand and the wages the New Zealand international got from Paris Club is very clear. In fact, the club headed by Hans Peter Wilde put on the table an annual salary of 830,000 euros for … 500,000 euros proposed in New Zealand.. At 28, Ngani Laumape might not hesitate for long to sign this exciting contract.

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